Animated Neon Glass Signage
SuperImaging’s MediaGlassTM system projects messaging onto windows and other clear surfaces. Most store window advertising involves hanging posters or affixing display materials to windows, involving significant expense. MediaGlass doesn't require posters to be printed or LCD screens to be installed; be just putting our completely clear film on the glass, the glass itself becomes the media. Also with MediaGlass, the display can be changed in moments, reducing cost and allowing for more frequent changes to messaging. More significantly, MediaGlassTM allows you to keep the windows clear and inviting, so customers can see the mechandise in the store. Not only does this reduce ongoing costs, it improves visual merchandising and the customer experience, bolstering the brand image and generating more business.

MediaGlass consists of a laser projector and a special transparent film that is applied to any window. No special window or glass is required; the film does all the work of converting the projected light into visible light through the magic of nanotechnology. The lightweight projector is installed on the ceiling or floor and makes images over 84” wide on the window. Looking like bright moving neon, so they are clearly visible from almost 360°, from both outside the store and inside.

Two projectors are available, one laser projector which makes special line art holograms that appear to float in mid air around the glass, and a full video version which projects images via a VGA cable from your computer onto the glass.

With people reputedly being exposed to up to 3,000-4,000 messages per person per day, only the unique messages really make an impression on the consumer. Cognitive science tells us that the level of effectiveness of the message is related to the level of consumer engagement with the message. Our 3D holograms and video on clear glass are unique, and make your message the most memorable. This provides tremendous benefits to retail establishments and the brands it represents:
  • Maximizes the customer experience
  • Attracts more customer attention
  • Greater advertising impact on consumer
  • Reduces operational expenses
  • Visible from virtually 360 degrees
  • Stores can sell window advertising space
Nobody forgets seeing animated neon magically appear on glass! To order, please contact us.

SuperImaging small film demo at LDI 2009:

Hologram Signage for June 2009 Japanese Tradeshow:


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