Missle Defense Agency briefing on SuperImaging's technology Click to view PDF.
December 3, 2009 by Dale McGeehon, Missle Defense Agency

GM researches smart windshield Click to view PDF.
September 4, 2008, by Kami Buchholz, SAE

Futuristic windshield aims to help older drivers
July 18, 2008, by Margaret Harding, AP

Wade Bryant on the interior design of the Chevy Volt
January 10, 2007, by AutoblogGreen

Electric Chevrolet Volt Concept Debut at NAIAS
January 8, 2007, by Frank de Leeuw van Weenen

Windshields read like dashboards
March 1, 2004

Display firm gives heads-up to investors
February 7, 2004

News Updates:

Launched the color transparent display with laser projectors

Sep. 18, 2010: We launched the 1st color transparent display product in the 2010 Global Expo (Shanghai), with proprietary fluorescent color screen and a 2-wavelengths laser projector. It plays live color animations on a crystal clear glass panel.

New Dual Color MediaGlass Projector Available!
April 9, 2010  
SuperImaging is pleased to announce we now have dual color laser projectors for sale. We’ve previously made these available as automotive HUD development kits for automotive OEM R&D. An example of this is is seen in recent articles on GM’s driver vision enhancement/safety technology, featuring SuperImaging dual color full windshield displays. In that system, GM uses blue lines to highlight the sides of the road in fog or at night, and red lines to highlight road signs or dangers.

Both the small sized HUD TransPlay projector and the larger retail/theater MediaGlass projectors have benefited from advances in laser diode and transparent red nanoparticle technology, allowing us to substantially boost laser output and display screen brightness for our red color. This has increased our HUD film longevity by orders of magnitude, as well as image brightness due to higher projector output. Also, in alignment with our early 2009 expectations, improved electronic engineering has allowed us to release a dual color version of the MediaGlass projector, featuring a Pangolin software interface for easy content generation. This projector is ideal for stopping people in their tracks to look at a display, whether it be during a theater presentation, an in-store advertising display, or a tradeshow booth. With bright glowing lines appearing to move on a large scale in 3D, the viewer is entranced. A photo follows, but like recent 3D films, nothing compares to seeing it in person:

Saint-Gobain Paris Quantum Glass Demo
March 1, 2010
SuperImaging is pleased to announce our first European installation, by leading glass company Saint-Gobain in Paris. Located in their A Glass House showroom at 4 passage Sainte Avoye (access 8 rue Rambuteau) 75003 Paris, SuperImaging’s patented display technology has been coupled with Quantum Glass’s innovative glass technologies, so our nanoparticles are embedded within the glass rather than a plastic film.

Demo at A Glass House

The exhibit is designed to show our technology with both clear and tinted windows. In the picture above, most of the image is located on the center tinted pane, while the bottom of the image is shown on the clear glass panel behind it. Our projectors and nanoparticles may be launched as part of their Quantum Glass line of innovative glass.

While this demo is concerned with architectural glass, another use of the tinted version of the glass could be in heads up displays for vehicles. Our full color display technology is progressing nicely, and we expect to be able to offer it as part of a “Smart Phone HUD” system, where you just plug the projector wire into your cell phone to project HUD navigation directly onto the windshield. For OEM HUD development teams, we provide development kits of single or dual color small laser projectors while the three color system’s availability will be announced later.

Single color Video on Glass System Now Available!
January 15, 2010
In response to popular demand for video on clear glass, we now have a video system available! Demos shown below use a DLP projector modified to output the correct bandwidth of light, so video appears on our optically clear films. In the top example, we show the demo with a visible light filter, so all the light is stopped on the film, while the red and green demos are shown without the light filter, so you can see how normal light goes through the film. The projection size shown is 30", but can be larger such as 100" by having the projector further away from the projection surface. Note the projection is brighter on a smaller surface, and with current technology the area behind the projection screen should be relatively dim to optimize the contrast. Available film colors are currently a transparent film that has images appear in white in 30" wide film, and our normal virtually 100% optically clear film that makes images appear in blue.

December 10, 2009   This video shows the MediaGlass messaging system installed at the Pavilion Antique store in San Anselmo, CA, just north of San Francisco. Line art animations of antique furniture move and spin on the window, for a 3D hologram feel. The window is kept completely clear, so merchandise is visible, while the Christmas tree and the animated falling snowflakes complement each other.

The point of differentiation with this technology is that is allows one to put animated messaging on completely clear surfaces. Nothing else does that. You can use posters. You can use opaque LCD screens. You can hang a TV in the window. You can frost a window to make it translucent so it catches part but not all of a projected image. But none of the alternatives keep the window clear, so you can use the window for what it is, a transparent barrier, and still see through it. With all alternative technologies, you might as well have a wall instead of a window. As we all know, windows are better and invite customers into the store. Keep your windows. Use them for dynamic messaging with SuperImaging’s MediaGlass! Please visit pavillionantiques.com for more information about the store or its location.

November 21, 2009 Industry players at LDI 2009 exhibited strong interest in SuperImaging film technology for large scale clear screens, such as in the stage foreground in front of an opening scene, as well as for other special effects in the background and on the sides of the stage.

July 1, 2009 SuperImaging is pleased to announce that we have moved to a new location. In a recessionary environment when most companies are laying off workers and shrinking capacity, we’re almost doubling our office, lab, and production space. We expect this will allow us to better handle the R&D challenges of the coming years, delivering more nanotech display solutions to a variety of industries.

January 30, 2009 Superimaging exhibits MediaGlass advertising solution and prototype heads up display projector at Tokyo Big Site's Laser & Photonics tradeshow

September 4, 2008 Researchers at General Motors R&D labs in Warren, MI, are working on an enhanced vision system. Various elements, including patent-pending technology from GM as well as patented technology from California-based SuperImaging, can effectively highlight on the windshield the road's edge during foggy weather. Click to view PDF. Click to download PDF | Click to read article

July 18, 2008 General Motors researchers are working on a windshield that combines lasers, infrared sensors and a camera to take what's happening on the road and enhance it, so aging drivers with vision problems are able to see a little more clearly. Click to read article.

March 6, 2008 SuperImaging announces the issuance of it's first Japanese patent No. P2006-538441.

January 7, 2008 Visteon demonstrated the windshield display technology of Superimaging in BMW X5 concept car in the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show (CES)

May 21, 2007 Superimaging presented the transparent display technology in the Society of Information Display conference in Long Beach, CA.

May 13, 2007 Superimaging completes a full color transparent display prototype. To this point, we only had two colors available to us with our DLP technology. The third color (green) allows us to create full color and true black and white imagery. More details to come as we settle down and gather additional data on this major breakthrough.

May 8, 2007 SuperImaging announces the issuance of the US patent " Emission of visible light in response to absorption of excitation light"

February 27, 2007 SuperImaging announces the issuance of the US patent " Microstructures integrated into a transparent substrate which scatter incident light to display an image"

January 8, 2007 Superimaging Transplay & MediaGlass Technology™ debuts in General Motor's show-stopping Chevy Volt Concept car at the 2007 North American International Auto Show.

August 15, 2006 SuperImaging announces the issuance of the US patent "System and method for a transparent color image display utilizing fluorescence conversion of nano particles and molecules"

January 17, 2006 SuperImaging announces the issuance of the US patent “Light emitting material integrated into a substantially transparent substrate” No. 6,986,581. Multiple US and international patents are in the pipeline

January 15, 2006 SuperImaging presents the TransPlay Laser Projection System at the National Retail Federation. The technology will enable retailers to display and change messages on storefront glass, without affecting the view into the store. Given the huge level of interest, SuperImaging is looking for potential OEM partner to manufacture and distribute the projector.

October 1st, 2005 SuperImaging has developed and delivered the first full windshield transparent display system to a major European automobile customer. Information-on-Demand can be displayed anywhere on windshield and can be viewed from anywhere in the vehicle, without affecting the direct view of the driver.

August, 31, 2005 SuperImaging has developed and demonstrated in the laboratory the patent pending multiple color DLP projection display on fully transparent substrate. We are open to collaborate with Companies who are interested in the manufacturing of the DLP projector and distribution of the color TransPlay products to the market place

March 1, 2004 BUSINESS WRITER, Windshields read like dashboards (By Francine Brevetti) Ted Sun says that for every second a driver traveling at 60 mph lifts his eyes from the road, he travels 100 feet. Such life-threatening distractions include looking at the dashboard. For just a second. Click to read full article.

February 7, 2004 | EAST BAY BUSINESS TIMES, Display firm gives heads-up to investors
(By Dan Gallagher) Ted Sun sees a day when his technology can be used in next-generation heads-up displays for automobiles, or to help store owners save on paint and posters by simply projecting an image onto their windows. Click to read full article.

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